Privacy Policy About Setup Canon IJ Printer

Welcome to the “Canon IJ Setup family. We work more like a family than a corporation. We are more interested in making bonds with the consumers and our workers so that we can provide the most useful and efficient service to our visitors. But protecting you and your privacy and safety is of our utmost priority. Therefore the need for this segment on our website arises. We can guarantee you that none of the information of this will be used with any third party or even against you.

We “” humbly request you to not share any personal information of yourself and any other person you meet within the forum. Also, you should not make any contact with the forum editor about any kind of personal queries or to share any kind of personal information.

Now We are Going to Provide the Information to you About our Privacy Policy.

  • Your rights and preferences will be private and secure with us.
  • The duration, which you have surfed or of the life of your data is saved in our memory or system but it is safe with us.
  • All of your queries and any of your activities are secured and safe.
  • Contacting us or getting in touch with us
  • The circumstance only under which the data that you have provided us is shared with a third party will be provided to you with top most priority
  • We will declare the process in which we process your data and the reason of us doing that
  • The data that is collected from you will be declared along with its use
  • The information that we have collected from you and the way through which it has been collected for instance the medium
  • The different ways of protecting your personal data will be declared too