Canon IJ Setup and Installation

Helpline Number : +1 855 888 8325


Canon IJ Setup and Installation

Helpline Number : +1 855 888 8325

How to Setup Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer Manually

On this Writeup Read here To Setup Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer Manually in the following way:

  • Firstly connect the printer and tablet to the printer, with USB, when connection is completed.
  • The printer driver is automatically detected.
  • Now register the Canon printer with Canon Inkjet Utility.
  • Next, select your printer in the select model screen.
  • Canon Printer drivers are included in Windows RT.
Canon mg2522 Printer Issue

Canon Pixma MG2522 Wireless Setup:​

The Canon Wireless Setup for the all in one printer with scan and copy functions, This printer is connected with the USB. Unfortunately the Canon Pixma 2522 does not have an enablement of wireless connection in built in it.

The Canon Pixma MG2522 printer comes with a specific printer driver which when installed can be connected to the Wifi in the following way the steps are as follows:

  • Press the power button it comes in the on mode.
  • Tap and hold the wifi button, it is when the wifi lamp starts blinking.
  • Press the black button, Again press the wifi button, until the network lamp flashes.

Canon Pixma MG2522 Wireless Setup:

How to Setup the MG2522 Canon Pixma Printer:

Once you purchase the Canon Pixma Printer, MG2522 printer from the manufacturer please check it is sealed correctly.

  • Please unbox the printer components provided in it remove the packaging material from the printer.
  • Place the printer on a flat surface, Peel of the protective tapes from the printer.
  • Connect the power chord to the canon printer Pixma MG2522 and ensure the power supply is going through.
  • Switch on the printer by clicking the power button.
  • Open the front head of the printer now insert the cartridge.
  • Now, insert the cartridge in the respective slot.

Please load enough paper in the slot with the printer and the input tray, print a test page so that you can assess that the printer is setup appropriately.

How to Install or setup the Canon Pixma Printer Driver for MG2522:

Follow These steps to setup canon pixma MG2522 Printer Driver in the Following Way:

  • First, double click and download the Canon Pixma Printer Software, on your desktop or laptop.
  • If the driver file is zipped, please unzip the same.
  • Select the connection method based on the model of the computer.
  • Now, agree to the terms and conditions by enabling the same in the checkbox.
  • Next, go through the guidelines on the screen, please click on the finish button to finish the installation process.

How to Install or setup the Canon Pixma Printer Driver for MG2522

How to connect or setup Canon Pixma MG2522 Printer to Wifi:

  • First of all press the power button of your printer.
  • Next, press the wifi button and then release the wifi button when the wifi light of the wifi lamp comes on.
  • Then, press the black button, please press the wifi button once the network lamp flashes.
  • Finally press the colour and the black button to complete the wifi button.
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How to connect Canon Pixma MG2522 in a wireless manner:

  • Power up your Canon Pixma Printer MG2522 setup printer, On the operational panel setup of the canon printer.
  • Click the setup option. Please select the wireless setup of LAN setup,- OK.
  • Choose the easy setup option, Pick the name of your router and the WEP key.
  • Next, continue the process ahead. and install the printer on your laptop and computer.
  • User need to select the use printer through network option, while installing the printer driver.

Everyone should follow the guidelines through the screen, it will allow you to setup the printer in an appropriate manner. For the canon Pixma MG2522 wireless printer.

Canon Printer Issue
  • Firstly, switch on the Canon Pixma MG2522 printer.
  • Disconnect the Pixma printer MG2522 if the USB cable is connected.
  • Now download the latest version of Canon Pixma MG2522 printer on Mac.

The free version of the printer driver is available on the internet.

  • Install the printer driver after it has been downloaded.
  • Open the USB cable provided by the printer kit.
  • Link the chord to the printer and ensure power supply flows through.
  • Choose the connection method as a wired connection so that the connection can be setup properly.
  • Firstly, press the profile icon on the Chromebook screen.
  • Now tap the wifi options so that the wifi menu opens up.
  • Ensure that Chromebook and printer are connected to the same network.
  • Provide the network passcode when prompted on the screen now click on connect.
  • Now select Chromebook account from the listed menu.
  • Click on popup menu to access the settings, click the settings option to access the settings options.
  • Now to add the printer click on advance settings- add printer- select printer-please add your printer.

You can also enable cloud printing on the canon printer the only condition is Chromebook should not be connected on the canon printer.

  • Finally connect printer to the Mac or windows printer for printing through cloud.
  • Open the google chrome browser.
  • Connect your printer go to the top right corner please click on settings- advanced google cloud printer, Manage cloud print devices choose your printer, now add a printer.

How to Reset the Canon Pixma MG2522:

  • First of all remove all the power connection from the USB port, provided to the Canon Pixma printer, Canon Pixma Printer MG2522, setup without turning it off.
  • Leave the printer idle for sometime for network connections previously.
  • After the printer completes the setup please connect the power chord for the respective ports.
  • Press the power button and start its function.

This is a general reset method for your printer.


The canon Pixma MG2522 it a cost effective and user friendly printer, it is easily compatible with MAC windows and other smart devices. The printer can be connected with a wireless connection along with a USB connection for printer this enables you to printer both remotely and otherwise. Further it can be connected to Chromebook and Mac devices. The advance version of the printer can be connected is enabled for cloud printing directly. This is also a network printer which can be used for a small office space or an individual proprietor. Canon inkjet utility driver helps you configure the printer to your laptop.

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