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How to Install & Run Canon Printer Drivers on Macbook.

How to Install & Run Canon Printer Drivers on Macbook.

Canon Inc. the printer brand that our article deals in is a Japanese multinational company that manufactures a range of products comprising the camera, camcorders, steppers, computer printers and medical equipment headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. The company was founded on 10 August 1937 with the joint efforts of Takashi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Takeo Maeda, and Saburo Uchida. Some of the many reasons for Canon being a favorite choice among the users is its print quality, fast printing speed and worth mentioning the environmentally friendly approach towards printing. Before actually proceeding with the procedure to connect the Canon printer to Apple Mac device it becomes relevant to talk a bit about Mac device.

Mac OS, the operating system, an Apple range was developed in 1984 primarily to enable the functioning of the company’s range of personal computers. using the graphical user interface technology, built-in screen, and mouse. This system is highly recommended and popular amongst the users due to its fantastic integration with the top of the line hardware specifications.

This piece of writeup has been penned down to help our readers with the process of installation of Canon driver on Mac through But before proceeding with the process, let us get acquainted with the brief definition of “Printer Drivers”.Print driver or print processor anyways you name it is a piece of software on your computer system that translated the data to be printed into the format that the computer can understand and carry on with the printing operation smoothly. Read on to understand two easy to perform ways to install Canon printer driver on Mac.

Manual Installation of Canon Printer Drivers using “System Preferences”.

Before starting with the process, make sure that your printer is properly loaded with ink and paper. Connect it with your Mac device using the USB cable and turn the device on.

  • As a first step open the “System Preferences” icon in the dock.
  • Now on the new window that opens, click on the “Printers and Scanners “ icon.
  • Look for your Printer model in the Preference Pane’s printer list , highlight it and look at its status. If you are unable to look for your printers’ status, click on the + button at the bottom of the printer list to add your printer.
  • In the next “Add “ window that appears on the screen, select the “Default tab” and proceed.
  • Now click on your printer name and fields present at the bottom of the Add printer auto-populate and look for the information about it including its name, location, and driver that your Mac device auto selects.
  • The driver auto-selected by your Mac is displayed on the screen for the users to view.
  • In case your Mac is unable to find a suitable driver for your system, the next best option is to open the drop-down menu and choose “Select software” from the list.
  • As a continuation of the above step , scroll through the list of the available drivers and look for the driver that matches your printer. If you fail to find any suitable driver, try “Generic driver” if one is available and click on”OK”.
  • As the last step, click the “Add” button to complete the installation process.

Alternate Way to Install Canon Printer Driver on Mac.

  • As a first step make sure your printer is properly connected to your Mac computer and turned on.
  • Now perform the process of “Unpacking “ the software by double-clicking on the .dmg or installer file for the driver.
  • As a third step copy the files to your hard drive by dragging and dropping the files to the folder wherein you would like to save your software. This is referred to as the “Mount” process.
  • Keep following the successive instructions that the installation software gives you.
  • Now Eject the .dmg or installer file by dragging the file from the desktop to the trash bin.
  • Now open the “Print Centre” on your Mac device and click the ‘Alt” and “Add” key at the same time. From the list of printer that appears , select your printer model and click “Add” button in the dialogue box.
  • If after the above steps you are unable to see your printer on the list, reboot your computer system and also make sure that your printer is in operational mode and properly connected to your Mac system.
  • If in case your printer model is already on the list of printers, be sure to remove it before you start the installation process. Add the printer then back to the list. Congratulations! You are through the process.

Hope the above two set of procedures help our readers in installing Canon printer drivers on Mac. For any additional assistance on the same, contact the Canon printer support phone number.

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