Wondering For IJ Start Canon Setup Quick Way to Do This

Wondering For IJ Start Canon Setup Quick Way to Do This

How to use ij.start.canon Tool

The IJ Setup allows a canon user to share documents photos and videos without connecting the same to the USB drive.The ij.start.canon tool allows you to connect your printer with a wireless connection in place without tying it down to a wired connection.A user can share photos of video documents etc when the ij.start.canon setup is in place.It offers the user to connect the printer to a wide range of devices such as smartphones, tablets, computers laptops, and other devices.

Requirements to Connect Canon Printer to IJ Network with ij.start.canon set up

  • The user of the printer should have access to the modem, router, and wifi modem, one of the three options is essential.
  • You should ensure the connection established in these devices should function properly.
  • The user must also have a smart device along with an active internet connection.
  • This would facilitate the IJ setup, please ensure your device is connected to the internet.
  • Please open the website of canon open the setup section which facilitates you with the information and steps to connect the ij start canon set up.

Steps for Installing the Canon IJ Setup:

All users owning a canon printer along with a windows PC allow you to set up the canon ij network on your system by installing the printer setup by the CD.

In case you are a MAC user you need to download the software which is relevant to the Canon printer so that the IJ setup can be installed for utilizing the services from the printer.

  • Once the CD is installed in the computer a screen will appear wherein you need to click on the option called next.
  • On MAC it is a two-step process. First of all type the password, now once the password is typed click on Next for smooth functioning the password enables you to install a helper tool.
  • You need to make a choice from the available menu, whether you want to set up a wireless connection or a USB connection.
  • Please ensure the printer is in a switched on mode. Please click on the next option to proceed further.
  • The next option enables you to associate with a network for connection.
  • Now please select the cable less setup so that you are able to use the IJ setup. The Windows XP does not support the cable less setup you need to select the setup with the USB setup.
  • All rights of the canon printer must be on.
  • So that the setup function works well, please add your location to the wifi router.
  • The printer enables you to install and uninstall software as per your requirement. You need to select the end-user agreement to enable the Canon IJ setup.
  • Once the wireless network and the canon printer are setups please complete the installation process.

Setting up Canon IJ Printer with USB Cable:

  • You need to select the option called please setup printer with IJ Network you need to choose the option of please connect the printer via USB.
  • Then click on the next option.
  • A screen pops up which shows you steps to connect the printer to the IJ network with a USB cable.
  • Please ensure that if you are on a Mac device please click on the next option.
  • The available access point will appear.
  • Please click on yes so that the printer can be connected.
  • If you have already identified the network please click on yes to proceed further.
  • In case you are a Mac user you need to please click on the allow option.
  • The screen will appear from which you have to dismantle your printer from the computer and click on the ok button. In case you are a Windows user please click on the option called complete.
  • For Mac users, once the access point is created and your printer appears on your computer.
  • Please click ok and then click on add printer option to add a printer to the Mac device.
  • Please click on the particular driver version then click on add driver.
  • Please click on next this completes the ij.start.canon ts3122 setup process.

How to Install Canon IJ driver:

Please carefully read the instruction manual to set up the driver, this is available on the official website – http://ij.start.canon of the canon.

Connect the wireless network by connecting the wireless canon printer from the network, from the display screen.

  • When your printer is connected successfully to the network please open the control panel and install.
  • Please add your specific printer to the system from the devices and printer option. Please specify the network option by selecting the wireless or the Bluetooth option.
  • Once you successfully install your printer through the canon IJ setup.
  • Please remember to give a trial to the same.
  • Select any random document from the file and folders so that the printer can be tested whether or not it is printing.
  • If you are unable to give a printout for yourself please feel free to contact the system administrator or the service center personnel to assist you in order to install the printer.
  • In case the printer provides seamless and qualitative printouts this clearly indicates that the printer is functioning appropriately.
  • The printer is able to assist you in the overall heavy-duty printing so that we can complete our routine tasks and work projects.
  • In case there are any software or hardware related issues you can reset the printer by holding the printer release button. Once the printer is reset you can update the driver.

Canon IJ Setup for 3122 Printer with ij.start.canon ts3122 setup

  • Some of the access points are there which are referred to as routers and hubs that display the automatic connection button.
  • This button is labeled WPS.
  • The WPS stands for wifi protected setup.
  • This is one way that allows devices such as Pixma Printers, to connect your network without needing a password. This is a quick and easy method to connect to the wifi.
  • This method easily connects the Canon Pixma Printer, If your access point has a WPS Button please select the WPS connection button, to the network without connecting the same to the wifi with a need to enter the password.

The steps used for connecting through the WPS method are listed below.

If your Wifi does not support the WPS method select the steps of the standard connection method for completing the IJ setup method. The access point must have a physical push button. We should be aware of all the details to run the setup properly and effectively. If the WPS button is unavailable use the standard connection method. Your network must support a WPA.

  • Most WPS enabled connections to use this access.
  • Please ensure the printer is turned on.
  • Press and hold the wifi button, at the top of the printer.
  • Make sure the light next to the printer flashes blue,
  • Now go to your access point, and press the WPS button within 2 minutes.
  • For the exact details for starting WPS on your access point refer to the instruction manual
  • The Wifi lamp setup is blue and it will continue to setup.
  • When you search the wifi lamp will blink automatically.
  • When the wifi setup has been established securely establish the connection. The wifi light will stop blinking.
  • The process of confirming the network setup is given below.
  • Make sure the printer is turned on.
  • Now insert the A4 sheet of paper in the printer tray
  • Press and hold the resume and cancel button.
  • Please let the alarm flash 15 times.
  • Now release it
  • When referring to the printout, check the connection that indicates active. The SSID active, your wireless name indicates the correct name of your wireless network.
  • This completes the WPS setup procedure.
  • Ensure you download the relevant printer driver.

Canon IJ setup for Mac with ij.start.canon ts3122 setup

  • Download the relevant file.
  • Check the settings of the canon printer properly
  • Double click the downloaded file and mount it on the disk image.
  • Double click the mounted disk image.
  • Double click the printer folder the installation process begins automatically.


Please ensure the drivers for IJ wireless setup are updated timely. The IJ setup for canon makes it simple and convenient for a canon printer to print the documents easily without any hassle.

The ij.start.canon setup enables the canon printer to be compatible with both Mac and window pc and laptops. It also allows you to adopt smarter ways of printing you can do mobile printing when and where it is required, without too much hassle and exercise. Canon printer is usually a photo chromatic printer which prints high quality of photos and text also.

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