How to change or refill canon ink cartridges

How to change or refill canon ink cartridges

Canon ink cartridges can work out an expensive deal for you. In case it’s a colour printer. Most of the canon printer cartridges are refillable.

A refill kit provided by the same company can be used to refill the cartridge. As a user of the printer you can refill the cartridge on your own. It may interest you to note that many Canon printers count each and every character that is printed.

Please note when this count reaches zero the printer will display an error message. Make sure your existing cartridge is used up and empty till the last drop. Only then it’s a sensible decision to refill or change the cartridge. Every printer comes along with an instruction manual please read the instruction manual carefully and removes the existing cartridge from the appropriate slot and reinstall the refilled or the new cartridge in the same slot. Before installing the cartridge ensure that printhead does not have any clogging. If any such situation occurs please clean the printer head and then install the cartridge. 

Change or Refill Canon Ink Cartridges :- Please check the ink reservoir in case it still has ink reinstall the cartridge and push the resume printing button. The printer will continue printing from where it had left the command. Use an ink syringe or dropper to refill the ink it also depends on the colour you are filling. The ink syringe needs to needs to touch the ink sponge for it to refill the ink in the holder. Please use paper towels or newspapers below the ink bottle to avoid any leakage. You need to identify the letter denoting the colour of the cartridge drill a whole beneath the letter to fill the cartridge. Then attach the same to the print and fire a test print to check whether the cartridge is installed correctly or not.

If you use a canon toner the best way to know that a canon toner is to be changed is when the print copies are light in colour. You need to get is serviced because replacing the toner is a part of the service and annual maintenance process. The new toner needs to be shaken before its put back into the printer. Then post this step you can fire a test copy.

Steps to Change Canon Printer Ink:


Please ensure the power of the printer is switched on and you are done with, open the front cover of the printer gently. Open the paper cover output; please push down the empty cover cartridge until it clicks. Remove the empty cartridge, please open the seal of the new cartridge and remove the protective tape from it. You can wipe the excessive ink with a tissue paper; please do not touch the metallic parts inside the machine. If the printer cover is opened for a long time the cartridge may move its position in this case close the cover of the printer and open the same again. Please note if you have set the alarm on silent the alarm won’t beep when the cartridge is detached. 

 If you shake the cartridge it may spill all over the place, please do not stain your hands with the protective tape, please do not reattach the protective tape once you have removed it. Please don’t touch the nozzle in the print head as it may not print properly. Please ensure the cartridge is installed properly unless both cartridges are installed properly it will not print properly. Once the cartridge is installed the printer automatically cleans the print head let it complete this process before you print. If paper alignment is not accurate the printer will make noise while completing the print task.

If you remove the cartridge do not leave the printer empty replace it with the new cartridge it clogs the print head. The machine may not operate properly as the cartridge will dry out. When u reinstall the cartridge there is optimal printing quality. If this cartridge runs out you can print in the remaining ink whatever is available. Coloured ink and black ink is used up in the deep cleaning of the machine otherwise this affects the performance of the machine. Any printer cartridge must be used optimally in first six months of purchase. 


If the cartridges are not installed correctly an error message will appear cannot print. For smooth and heavy duty printing please ensure the cartridge is installed correctly and accurately. Please maintain the print quality at all times and ensure the maintenance of the printer at all times. 

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