What to do If My Canon Printer Print Slowly?


The printers are the essential one for taking the copy of the document or the photos. The canon printers are used in all the work places and is useful for the college students to get the certificates. The cannon is the leading company that is selling the printers. Some people are not satisfied with the performance of the canon printer because of the various reasons. The wifi enables the people to perform the printing process easily with canon.com/ijsetup. Some system may not have the wifi settings.

Steps to Clear Canon Printer Slow Printing Process

Steps to Clear the Slow Printing Process

The printing of the documents is sometimes slow with the help of the canon printer.

Undo the printing process

First of all the user have to check whether all the cables that are connected to the canon printer are proper and switched on. Now click on the control panel in the computer system and click on the view devices and printers. This is to see what the printer is in the default mode if it does not mean then make it as the default browser by selecting the select as default printer option. Now it is necessary to change the printer properties by right clicking on it and make sure all the ports are deselected. Then click on the ok button. Open the task bar and click the printer icon it will shows the list of tasks. You just have to cancel of the tasks and start printing again.

Use draft mode

The draft mode available in the printer is much helpful for the users to print the documents more quickly than the High quality mode. Even through this mode is super fast, the quality of the documents are  reduced. The user have to decide the quality of the document is important or not and according to it they have to change the mode. This mode can be set by selecting the draft properties and making the necessary changes.

Avoid the double side printing

If your printer gets slow then you have to choose the manual duplexing option available in the device settings. This is because the automatic printing option will print the papers on both sides.

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