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How to get Canon Printer Back online from Offline Mode

Canon Printer Offline

If your Canon printer is offline an error message will appear that the print job is not complete. All print jobs will remain in the print queue. A print icon will appear in the window task bar. Double click the printer menu the window task bar will open. Now the document menu select restart. Now you click on the option what printing this will gives you a fair idea of what all is printing in the drop down menu. If the printer tab has use offline feature ticked uncheck this feature.

Please open the start menu, select the drivers and printer options, by doing this you are redirected to a printer and you will see a list of printers please select the appropriate printer for your use. Please double click on the print icon so that the print can be changed from offline to online. Please click on printer option now menu will appear on the screen. Please uncheck the option called canon printer offline. This is assist you to change the canon printer from offline to online mode.

Close the window printer will now used online. At all times ensure the correct printer is selected at all times. It becomes quite difficult that the canon printer goes offline in the middle of printing jobs. Please follow the following solutions to ensure that the printer is back online. 

The first solution is please power cycle your printer, this means turn off the canon printer, Then keep the canon printer in offline mode till all internal functions restored Now please turn on the printer.

Please set your canon printer online- Go to settings then printers then click on set printer online and then ensure that use printer online. Further please clear all print jobs. Then visit the print menu now choose the option cancel all print jobs, The stuck print jobs do not allow the printer to print further. Please toggle the printer now also check if it is jammed or not. Please restart the computer and reinstall the printer drivers so that you can print efficiently. Reset canon printer so that it can work efficiently. 

Common Offline Issues with the Canon Printer:

Please delete the printer drivers and the device managers if the printer is connected with the USB cable. Once its reset you can print well. You have the latest firmware and driver should be installed in the system. 

The canon printers loose their wifi very easily. It takes a long time for getting the same back on again. To rectify this you can reinstall and reconnect with the printer driver this will help you print well. 

Computer looses connection, Printer is not connected to the router, Printer is set as offline, Incorrect configuration of the printer, It gets really frustrating when you have to take an important printout from your printer and it constantly goes offline. You can use the helpline number or the instruction manual to resolve the issue. 

Your computer has lost connection to the router if this happens please restart the computer then start the printer. Another reason is your printer cannot communicate. Sometimes the printer is not able communicate well with the computer and the router. So the only solution is please switch off both computer and router please switch on again. Printer is set offline this option needs to be unchecked where it says its offline.


Please click the document from the document name then please check that canon printer is online option and its selected now click on print this will assist u to print the document. If document prints it means that the printer is working fine. Please always ensure that your printer is set as default printer this helps the printer to print from your system at all times. If the printer driver is misconfigured you need to open settings control panel and correct the settings of the printer driver. The access point for the printer should be correctly mapped to the computer. 

Strategies to Fix the Canon Printer Offline Error:

  • Ensure that the canon printer driver is installed properly. 

  • Ensure that your computer and canon printer both are connected to the internet. 

  • Ensure no pop blockers are installed this may hinder the software or driver installed. 

  • Visit for the easily setup of canon printer.

  • You can reset the canon printer when it does not work properly. 

  • You can cancel the faulty print jobs for the canon printer to work effectively. 

  • You can also rectify if there are any paper jams in the canon printer. 

  • The ink levels can be changed by changing the cartridge but always remember to recalibrate the canon printer as this is important. 

  • Please restart the canon printer spooler service. 

  • Disable the function use the canon printer offline. 

  • Reinstall the canon printer firmware and software. 

  • If canon printer does not work properly uninstall the device from the printer queue then reinstall the same again. 

  • Please ensure your driver is updated as this may not allow the canon printer to print due to lack of updation. Always run the driver before u print. 

  • Service and maintain your printer for economical and efficient printing. 

Advantages of using a canon printer: 

Modern canon printers allow the users to print is an economical and qualitative set of printers. The pictures printer from the printer can be used for college and school projects. Owning a printer for office or home is more economical and cost effective than printing from a stationery vendor. 

Now a days the pictures and family portraits printed can be framed and used in the house or workspace it is not necessary you need to visit a photo developing gallery to preserve your memories in different ways. People can create project reports presentations and handouts for various seminars and workshops. 


Wireless printing technology in canon allows you to print remotely and efficiently. The quality prints do not strain the eyes of the readers reading the information that has been printed. All the above strategies can be used by the canon users to enhance their overall printing experience. 

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