Why is My Canon Printer Not Responding?

Canon Printer not Responding

Why is Canon Printer not Responding

Your Canon printer not responding can be a very common occurrence. And it can happen for a variety of reasons. With a little knowledge of how Canon printer works and what can make the printer stop working, you can get your printer back to work. This article will help you determine why your Cannon Printer stopped working suddenly and what to do to get it back to work. 

Reson Behine Canon Printer Not Responding

There are different reasons why your Canon printer is not responding, They are:

  • Connectivity Issue

If there is a connection problem between the Canon printer and the PC then this error may appear. 

For wired canon printers, the connection issue can be – using damaged cables for connection or loose connection between the printer and PC. For wireless canon printers, the connection issue can be – connecting the printer to a slow WI FI network or connecting both printer and PC to different networks. 

To fix this canon printer not responding issue you should check the connection and change the cable if required in case of wired printers. In the case of wireless printers, check whether the internet connection is strong and connect both PC and printer to the same WIFI network. 

  • Printer Spooler Error

Canon Printer spooler is a service that is responsible for all the printing jobs of the printer. It is a small application that handles the paper printing jobs received by the printer from a computer. Sometimes this spooler stops working due to some technical errors which later leads to the Canon printer not responding error. 

This issue can be resolved by simply restarting the printer spooler. To restart the printer spooler, follow the below steps – 

  • Press Windows button + R
  • Type services.msc then press enter
  • A new window will appear. Find printer spooler on that window and double click on it. 
  • A small window will appear. In that window click on the stop button under service status. 
  • Then click on the start button then click on ok.
  • Printer Driver Error

Another reason for the canon printer not responding issue can be the driver error of the printer. If you are using a wrong printer driver or older driver then that may lead to the canon printer not responding error. 

Solution for Canon Printer not Responding Problem

You can resolve this issue by choosing the right driver for your Canon printer or updating your older drivers. If you don’t have time and skill to do this process manually, you can find a driver installer service online and use that service to do this process for you. 

  • Network Discovery Error

Network discovery is an essential network setting of your computer. This setting helps to find available computers and devices on the network. If this setting is turned off then the canon printer not responding error may arise. Usually, this setting remains off. You can resolve canon printer not responding issue by turning it on in the settings. To turn on the network discovery setting follow the below steps – 

  • Go to settings of your computer.
  • Click on network and internet settings.
  • Under network and internet find sharing options.
  • Click on sharing options and a new window will appear. 
  • In that window select “turn on network discovery” under network discovery settings. 
  • Now network discovery is turned and the issue will get resolved. 
  • Wrong Port Connections

If you have connected the printer to a wrong port then Canon Printer not responding issue may appear. While configuring the port of your printer you must ensure that you are connecting it to the right port. 

To solve the canon printer not responding issue you can reconfigure the printer to the correct port. To do that follow the below steps –

  • Go to settings of your computer.
  • Click on devices then select devices and printers. 
  • Find your printer from the printer list and do right-click on it.
  • Then select Properties from the drop-down menu.
  • In properties go to the general section and select change properties. 
  • Then click on “ports” and select the port where the printer’s name is available. 
  • Then click on apply. 
  • Inappropriate Printing Tasks

When you put too many documents on your printer for printing, it runs fast to complete the task. Sometimes due to some technical problems it gets stuck and stops printing. This leads to the Canon printer not responding error. 

You should cancel all the printing tasks and restart the printing operation to solve this issue. 

  • Printer Selected to Online Mode From Offline 

If in the printer setting it is selected to use the printer in offline mode, the printer not responding issue may arise. To solve this issue, you should unselect the option in setting. To do that follow the below steps –

  • Click on the start button of your computer.
  • Go to settings.
  • Then click on devices and under devices select printers and scanners. 
  • Now click on devices and printers.
  • Then select the printer you are using. 
  • Do right click on the printer.
  • Click on see what’s printing option from the dropdown menu. 
  • Select ‘printer’ option from the upper left corner. 
  • A drop-down menu will appear. There unselect ‘use printer offline’ option. 

So above there are some reasons and their solutions of canon printer not responding issue. You can try the appropriate solution for the said reason. If all of the solutions do not work for you, you can contact canon customer care to solve the same for you. The key is to keep calm and work accordingly. Do not lose your cool and get excited if, in the middle of your important work, your printer stops working. Know what the issue is and then act accordingly. 

Canon printers are one of the most popular types of printer people use on an everyday basis. Due to its high efficiency, user-friendly attributes and cost-effective nature, these printers are quite commonly used in almost everywhere. But what to do if the canon printer not responding while you are printing something really important? If you are someone who is not technically sound and you have no idea why is that happening, you may find it frustrating. 

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