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Why Is Canon Printer Not Printing and Responding ?

Canon Printer not Printing

How To Solve Canon Printer Not Printing & Not Responding Errors

In this document we have discussed ‘Canon printer not printing’ and ‘Canon printer not responding’ errors.  We have provided solutions for both wired and the wireless versions of the Canon printers. 

Reasons for 'Why Is My Canon Printer Not Printing' ?

The printer’s not printing error can lead to Canon printer ‘won’t printing text’ error and ‘won’t print color’ error. Refer to the below steps to know the reason for these issues-

  • Incorrect paper size: Each Canon printer has a limit to the size of the paper that they can handle. They will print only when the applied paper size is within its compatible size. If not, the printer not printing properly issue will appear. It may also lead to paper jams inside the printer, which is another reason behind the problem.

Incorrect paper size canon printer

  • Fluctuating power: The printer needs a stable source of power to function properly. If the power is swinging in the plug point, which is giving away the power to the printer, then it won’t print anything.

canon printer needs a stable source of power to function properly

  • Empty cartridge: The cartridge gives away the color that is used to print the papers in your Canon printer. If the printer is printing, but there is nothing printed on the paper, then an empty cartridge is the reason. Also, if you have not used the cartridge for very long, then it may start to deteriorate.

Empty cartridge in canon printer

  • Faulty Driver: We have discussed the involvement of the wrong drivers in the issue of Canon printer not responding page. The same wrong drivers may prevent the printer from printing anything.
Canon Printer not Printing
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Ways To Fix Canon Printer Not Printing Issue-

Now that you know the potential reasons behind the problem, we can proceed to solve them.

  • Use the proper size of paper: We would recommend you to refer to the user manual of the printer. You will find the paper sizes that are compatible with the printer. If you are already using the correct size, then turn off the printer and open its front door. Look for any jammed paper inside it. If it is so, then remove it.

Use the proper size of paper

  • Replace you’r cartridge: An empty cartridge will prevent the Canon printer from printing anything. You can check the level of ink in the cartridge manually. To do so, open the front door of the printer and carefully take out the cartridge. Some printers have double cartridges. In those printers, while taking out the cartridges, remember which one belongs to which slot. If the ink level is low, then replace it with a similar piece. Always use genuine Canon cartridge in your printer.

Replace your cartridge canon printer

  • Update your drivers: We have mentioned already mentioned the steps to update/ reinstall the drivers of the printer on your computer. Refer to them to carry out this step.

Update your drivers in canon printer

  • Use a better network: If you are using the printer in your office network, then there is a possibility that the network is jammed. In such a scenario also, the printer will not take the print command. So if possible, connect the computer and the printer to a shared network that has less traffic.

connect the computer and the printer to a shared network

Quick Steps to Fix 'Canon Printer Not Printing Color Text' Issue

These are the top reasons why Canon printer not printing color are given as below-  

  • Corrupted printer drivers may be the reason
  • Due to the Empty ink cartridges
  • Paper jam Problem
  • incomplete setup of printer firmware
  • Drive or other software Configuration errors
  • Due to the Compatibility issues
  • Due to the dusty & faulty printer head
  • Using duplicate ink

Follow these steps to fix Canon printer not printing color text 

Steps 1 : Canon Printer Ink Cartridge should be checked 

Follow these steps to check the ink level:

  • First of all, open the front door of the canon printer.

open the door

  • Take the cartridge out very carefully.
  • Check the ink level &  then replace empty cartridge with the proper ink.

replace empty cartridge with the proper ink

  • After that, place your printer cartridge back to its original position & take a print test to check the printing color

Step 2 Update Latest Version of the Printer Driver

Sometimes improper & faulty printer driver may also arises plenty of issues and if you are facing the issue of canon printer not printing color, then user should be update the printer driver to the latest version. Download the official printer driver from the official website & then install on the Laptop or computer.

Step 3 Check Color Printing Settings

Follow these steps to enable the color printing setting option:

  • Firstly, go to the Start menu on the computer.
  • Open the Settings. and click on ‘Printers and Scanner’ option.

Then click on devices and select 'printers and scanners'. 

  • Next, select the Canon printer from the list of the available printers.
    After that, click on the Properties option.
  • Then, check whether you have enabled the color printing option or not. If not enable then you have to enable it.

Step 4 Restart the Canon Printer

Restart the Canon printer which will help you to fix the issues canon printer not printing color correctly. You can take a printing test to check whether the problem has resolved or not.

Issue Of Canon Printer Not Printing Black Color Correctly

Solution to Fix Canon Printer Black Color Text Format

Firstly, Make sure that the installed ink tanks are correct and full. Follow the correct order as:

  • CLI-251M  Magenta
  • CLI-251BK  Black
  • CLI-251Y  Yellow
  • PGI-250BK Black
  • CLI-251C  Cyan

Now, you need to print the nozzle check pattern to determine whether the ink is ejecting properly from the print head. follow these steps for this:

  • Ensure that , Canon printer is turned on properly.
  • Then load A4 or Letter-sized plain paper in the auto sheet feeder.

load A4 paper in the auto sheet feeder in canon printer

  • Open the paper output tray & open the output tray extension.
    To print the nozzle check pattern:
  • Hit the MENU button.
    Press the Setup button.
  • Choose ‘maintenance’ and then Click on the ‘OK’.
  • Select the ‘print nozzle’ check pattern & press ‘OK’.
  • Select ‘yes’ and then press ‘OK’.

Now the nozzle check pattern will be printed and the pattern confirmation screens will be displayed alternatively. If they differ then users need to do make printer cleaning steps as below mentioned- 

  • Hit the MENU button.
  • Then, Press the Setup button.
  • Choose Maintenance and then click on the OK.
  • Select Cleaning & press OK.
  • Press OK to select Yes.

The cleaning will be performed.  After 2 or 3 times cleaning, print another test page. So by using these methods Canon printer not printing black text page problems will be resolved successfully.

Reasons For Canon Printers Not Responding-

Multiple potential reasons may cause Canon printer not to respond. In such a scenario, the printer won’t be taking any command from the user and act dormant. Here are the prime reasons for such a behavior for your Canon printer-

  • Wrong network connection: The printers need to be connected to the PC to take commands from the users. The connection can be either a wired or a wireless one.

wrong network connection

In the case of the wireless connection– Both the PC and the printer needs to be connected to the same shared network (same WiFi).

PC and canon printer needs to be connected to the same wifi network

In the case of the wired printers– The cable connecting the computer to the printer may be faulty which may prevent the printer from taking any command. Thereby causing the not responding error. 

cable connecting the computer to the printer may be faulty

  • Overprotection:  The antivirus softwares installed in your PC may interfere between the computers and your printer connection. There is an app called the “spooler subsystem app,” which is crucial for the connection of a printer to the computers. But the overprotective antivirus systems tends to block this software and prevent the printer from taking any command.

spooler subsystem app harm

  • Faulty or outdated drivers: Before using a printer, its specific drivers need to be installed in the commanding device, which is the computer in most of the cases. These drivers need to be regularly updated to make the printer work efficiently. Sometimes, the drivers may also become faulty. In either case, the printer will stop responding to the commands. So as a remedy, you will need to first update the drivers, and if it does not improve the situation, then you will need to reinstall them.

Update your drivers in canon printer

  • Faulty USB port: This problem occurs when the wrong USB port is used to connect the computer and the printer. It is limited to the wired Canon printers only. In such a case, you will need to join the USB to different ports to see if it works out well with the drivers.

Ways To Eliminate Canon Printer Not Responding Issue-

Reboot your network: The first step towards reducing the printer issue is to fix your network. Make sure that the connection between the computer and the printer is locked correctly. First, make sure that they are connected to the same shared network. After it is done, turn off all the related devices, i.e., the computer, printer, and modem. Now restart them all and make the connection. While rebooting your modem, you can use the reset steps for it. But if you are not much into the technical things, then plug out the power and then plug it in.

Reboot your network

Use the troubleshooter: The inbuilt troubleshooter may help you to get out of the situation. Many users have complaints regarding the troubleshooter for not being so much of a help. But there are instances when things turned out to be otherwise.

  • In your keyboard, press the Windows and the R key simultaneously. It will open up the Run dialogue box of the system.

open up the Run dialogue box

  • In the dedicated space of the Run dialogue box, type this: control.exe /name Microsoft.Troubleshooting. Hit the “ok” button below it once you are done. It will open up the troubleshooting window of the system.


  • In the new window for troubleshooting, you will find many entries. Scroll down the page until you find the “Printer” section. Click on the “Run the troubleshooter” option beside the same.

click on the Run the troubleshooter

  • The system will take some time to find any inconsistencies that may be harming the connection of the printer to the computer. If the troubleshooter finds any glitch, then it will give you the option to solve the same. Click on “apply the fix” option to resolve the case.
  • Finally, restart your device to finish the task.

Disable the 3rd party antivirus system: We have discussed the effect of overprotection of the 3rd party antivirus systems on the connection. You will need to disable the actions of the software. The procedure will vary depending upon the software that you are using. But if you do not want to go for that, you can uninstall it. Follow these steps to do so-

  • Press the ‘Windows’ and the ‘R’ key in your keyboard simultaneously. It will open up the Run dialogue box on your computer.

open up the Run dialogue box

  • In the space of the box, type “appwiz.cpl” and hit the “ok” button. It will open up the “Programs and Features” window of the system.

type appwiz

  • The window mentioned in the previous step will give you all the software that is installed in your system. Locate the 3rd party antivirus among them. Right-click on the same and press the “uninstall” button.

program and features

Reinstall the Canon drivers: It is the last step to solve the Canon printer not responding issue.

  • Once again, press the Windows and the R key simultaneously to open the Run dialogue box.

open up the Run dialogue box

  • In the dedicated area, type “DELDRV64.EXE” and hit the “Ok” button.


  • The above step will open the in-built driver remover. Follow the instructions to remove the existing driver.
  • Next, enter the password of your wireless network in the printer.

enter the password of wireless network in canon printer

Conclusion: Use the above mentioned steps one by one to eliminate all the potential causes related to your Canon printer. If you still can’t get rid of Canon printer not printing and not responding error, then reach us on the number provided on the screen.