A Quick Guide About Canon Printer Carriage Jam Error
a quick guide about canon printer carriage jam error

A Quick Guide About Canon Printer Carriage Jam Error

Printing technology has always been there, the initial form being the “Woodblock printing”  the oldest technique of canon printing that had its origins both in Europe and Asia. From then on there have been innovations in this technology. The coming of the Guten Printing press by Johannes Gutenberg in the 15th century brought a revolution in the field of print technology and it was by the 19th century that the manuscript and block printing was replaced to a modern-day form of printing.

Canon Inc. printer brand that our present article talks about is a Japanese multinational company that manufactures a wide range of products that includes the camera, camcorders, steppers, computer printers and medical equipment headquartered in Tokyo, Japan. 10 August 1937, was the foundation for the Canon inc. ,the brand that happened with the joint efforts of Takashi Mitarai, Goro Yoshida, Takeo Maeda, and Saburo Uchida.


Know the true worth of your Canon printing brand!


The major factors that make Canon printers stand out of the pack are its modern range of Canon printers, the Cloud-ready feature due to which multiple users can access through the same printing machine saving you from purchasing multiple sets especially in an office environment, and security is also one of the most authentic reasons to opt for this brand. The brand offers safe login features to its users such as the password login, proxy card swiping and fingerprint recognition thus preventing the cases of theft or hack. Apart from the factors mentioned before, there are still many other reasons that a user is led to opt for the brand Canon, because it helps in setting up printer by its official url Canon.com/ijsetup these include the innovative technology involving the easy to customize the interface, excellent scanning quality, and high printing speed, providing satisfactory results to its users. The Canon also takes pride in being renowned as the environment-friendly product as it accepts safe reusable plastic for printing operation thus leading to less wasteful production.

Getting down to the focal discussion of the present writeup that relates to the issue of Canon printer carriage jam error we have prepared an easy troubleshooting guide for the convenience of our readers.


Perplexed with the Canon printer carriage jam issue?


Read the writeup in the section below and understand the reason behind this issue and the easy way to troubleshoot the same:

To simply for our readers, carriage jam of canon printer is the assembly that holds ink cartridges and slides back and forth in order to transfer back ink onto the printer paper. One of the most common reasons leading to carriage jam is the printer paper jam which might happen after printing on a thicker paper like an envelope At the time of the carriage issue, the user may hear a grinding noise as the printer attempts to move the carriage. In such a situation the problem is with the actuator arm that is stuck and prevents the carriage from moving.

Please note:  A very thin strip of black plastic which is approximately 1 ¾ inches in length and ⅓ inches wide is known as the actuator arm talked in the above section.

Note down the easy to perform troubleshooting steps in the printer carriage jam issue.

  • As the first step, unplug the power cord of the printer and open the cover to reveal the carriage assembly.
  • Now remove the tray by squeezing the two levers beneath the paper tray.
  • Carefully slide the carriage assembly from the left side of the printer to the middle where you get its easy access.
  • Now push down the large black bar present just above the rollers in the tray compartment which should be lying flat parallel to the base of the printer.In case the large black bar is pointing upward, push it downwards and proceed to the next step.
  • In this step, now slide the carriage assembly over to the right once all the above parts are in their right place.
  • Lift the actuator arm which is present just over the white or gray gear assembly on the left side of the printer. Lifting the arm actuator and releasing it should restore it to its proper position.
  • Now put the Canon printer’s paper tray back into the printer and with the cover of the printer still open, plug in the power cord and turn on the power of your printer.
  • Now as the last finishing step of the process, press and hold “Resume” and finally close the cover of your printer.


An important tip while performing the above procedure: Carefully lift the actuator arm up and slightly to the right in order to restore it back to its proper position.

Please note: After performing the above steps, if the canon printer carriage jam issue does not get rectified, without much delay have your printer serviced.


I hope the writeup comes to your best use while troubleshooting your Canon printer carriage jam issue. However, for more professional assistance contact the Canon printer support phone number. Keep yourself technologically updated and keep reading this space for more such tech related articles.

Happy printing!

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