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Repair Guide and Solution when Canon Pixma Printer is printing blank pages

Printing of blank pages is a very common problem in Canon printers. Therefore, in this article we have explained the reasons due to which this problem occurs. Thereafter, we have explained the detailed solution for this problem in simplified manner.

canon pixma printing blank pages


Steps To Resolve Canon Pixma Printer Not Printing Issue & ‘Canon Pixma Printer Is Printing Blank Pages’ Issue.

  • On your Windows desktop screen, open control panel and from there open devices and printers.

open control panel and inside that open devices and printers.

  • Right-click on your printer’s name and choose the properties.

right click on canon printer and select printer properties

  • From the printer properties section, check device settings and click on preferences.
  • Under the preference option, click on the print-head option.
  • From here, click on services and clean print-head.

click on the printhead option

  • You might need to use this option several times before the print head is cleaned completely.
  • Thereafter, select the option of ‘deep cleaning’ and ‘nozzle check’ from the ‘maintenance’ tab.
  • Once the process is completed, do a test print to check if your printer is printing normal.

The following are some other issues due to which your Canon Pixma Printer is Printing Blank Pages- 

  • Breather tape – it should be immediately removed as it halts to create a vacuum in the cartridge. This ceases the ink to come out on paper which results in printing blank pages.
canon pixma printer is printing blank pages
  • Install a new cartridge –Make sure that you replace your ink cartridge cartridge with a new one before it dries up and runs out of ink. The replacement needs to be done when printer is giving you signs of low ink. Ignoring this may introduce air in the printer which may cease the printer to cause blockages of the printer. This further ceases the printer to print blank pages. 

low quality and generic third party ink cartridges

  • Avoid using low quality and generic third party ink cartridges –  If you are not using the right ink cartridge, there are chances of blockage of the ink cartridge nozzles. Therefore make sure that you are always using Canon’s genuine ink cartridge in your printer. 

Your Canon Pixma Printer Is Printing Blank Pages ? Here Is The Solution  –

  • Try and print on a regular basis as this keeps the ink flowing and stops ink from getting blocked.
  • Utilize only high-quality generic cartridges and ensure that the nozzles are not choked and blocked.
  • Make sure that the printer is placed in a cool dry place to avoid getting ink coagulated or solidify inside the printhead.

printer and desktop

When the user faces an issue of the printer cartridge and ink being clogged the printout results are vain and faded away. Clogged ink nozzles prevent the canon printer from printing the printouts. It may also stop printing in black ink. If the black ink runs out or the black cartridge is clogged turn on the printer. Reset the printer and with a muslin cloth. Ensure no dust particles enter the vents of the printer. This step allows you to cleanse the printer.

We often face issues, regarding canon printers, one of those common issues is the canon printer prints blank pages. However, it is a common issue that the printer stops printing while completing an outstanding job.

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Reasons Behind Canon Printer Printing Blank Pages:

  • Mostly printing blank pages issue happens when there are hardware issues.
  • There can be an issue with the cartridge as it can fail if not checked properly.
  • Ink levels are low, also there can be fundamental issues behind the canon printer not working.

link level is low in canon printer

  • Software issues can be prevented.
  • Printer drivers can cause problems.
  • Errors in exiting the printer software.
  • The issue can also be with the laptop and the computer.

You may not be using the printer on a regular basis

There are different ways to resolve the issues:

In case you need to resolve the issues please install the cartridges properly. Read the installation manual clearly so that you can set up the canon printer properly. If the printer does not set up the ink properly. If you are not able to resolve the issue correctly you can reach out to the Canon support.

Canon Printer Issue
  • Check the ink level, if you know that your ink levels are low. This issue occurs when your printer can print blank pages when the canon printer ink cartridge is empty. Try some of the menu options, present in your printer. Please cross-check if it works well or not.
  • Unclogging printer heads, the issue generally happens when the printer is not used for very long. This may cause printing blank pages. So please focus on cleaning blocked portions of the cartridge can be cleaned properly.

Unclogging printer head

  • Sometimes the printer software installed can assist you to install the printer. You can also remove and reinstall the cartridge so that if the software is of no use.
  • Please update the printer drivers, if it is outdated. The print command may not work in obsolete and outdated drivers. We recommend you do not take a massive risk regarding these cases. This way we can provide you assured help.

update canon printer driver

The professional technical team of canon can provide you assistance end to end as and when required. If professional assistance is not taken the user has a high chance to damage the printer.

Canon printer suddenly prints blank lines

Your canon printer is printing correctly and then suddenly prints blank lines, what could cause this issue let’s find out, the longer you are printing with this issue the more money and ink you are wasting. There are several reasons you canon print blank lines and pages. So please troubleshoot with expert advice.

The canon technical team phone number comes handy to you, or you can use the below steps for troubleshooting the problem and working around the problem.

  • First of all, run the printer head cleaning tool installed on your pc.
  • You can check the software-based utility with any of the software manufacturers.
  • Clean and realign small inkjet printers. This uses the printer to complete the output.
  • If you get blank lines and print pages when your canon printer ink is finished.
  • Then it might be possible that the inkjet printer is blocked with paper dust or dried ink.
  • Proceed to the onscreen instructions for utility.

The second method is please follow the on-screen instructions, carefully check the printer pages for the blank spots, in this process various pages are available. It produces vertical and horizontal lines. If you get a blank page. It may take various processes to clean the printer head completely.

Ij Start Cannon

Please produce the self-test print, or try and publish one document, to ensure the printer is working fine and appropriately. Carefully check the printing pages for blank spots, also spot the difference in color selection. If you get a poor print you should clean your printer or replace the cartridges.

Raise your canon printer lid, to discover the ink cartridges, and now get covered. Now get rid of the plastic lid, then carefully take out the lid, from the printer. Tug the cartridge to carefully pick it up. Now set the cartridge on the side and don’t touch the metal sensor. On the lower part of the printer cartridge.

  • Check the internal part of the cartridge, for your canon printer where the cartridge fits, into your printer if you find any paper dust or dried ink you can either use a cotton swab. Or small cloth to clean it.

clean canon printer cartridge

  • Turn the cartridge over, to get access of the metal connector, check any dust or dried up ink, please use the cotton cloth to clean it. Ensure the printer cartridge has been rubbed before you put them back into the canon printer. After clicking the cartridge well please pull down the cartridge safely and then close the canon printer cover, then turn on the canon printer once again.
  • Please reach out to the customer service support so that canon printers can work properly in an appropriate manner. Availing the immediate customer support helps you to resolve your issues appropriately.

pull down the cartridge safely and then close the canon printer cover

It is extremely annoying and disheartening if your printer produces blank lines or blank pages, please take corrective measures to resolve the issue correctly. You can also read the canon printer manual correctly for several steps, if you understand the IT technicality then you can fix this issue by yourself. There are several self-help videos to resolve your issues and concerns in an appropriate manner.

A canon self-help expert or rather a tech expert helps you to understand the problem in the canon printer and it allows you to resolve the issue effectively without any hassle or concerns.

Canon printers are prone to have several issues, one of those issues is that canon printer prints blank pages whenever required. This problem occurs when there is an outstanding print job that is pending. If it is a new cartridge it sometimes does not sync correctly with the printer.

  • There is some default in the hardware of the printer.
  • The blank pages issue arises due to cartridge failure.

canon printer cartridge failure

  • Low ink levels are fundamental causes behind printing and this issue.
  • Some software can be the issue.
  • Sometimes the printer drivers can cause an issue.
  • The issue can be with the device you are using with the printer.

In case you need to resolve the issues please install the cartridges properly. Read the installation manual clearly so that you can set up the canon printer properly. If the printer does not setup the ink properly. If you are not able to resolve the issue correctly you can reach out to the Canon support.

Conclusion – Canon Printer offers one of the leading printer range offering smart and affordable printing solutions to large and small organizations or individual proprietors, Canon printers print blank pages, is a very common issue which arises due to lack of network connectivity, paper jam, the computer or other devices are unable to recognize the printer properly. Low ink levels can be another important reason. Frequent power cuts. Dusty printer heads which cause a blockage in the printing vents.

The paper size available in the paper tray of the printer is mismatched, the network printer does not receive adequate network or wifi signals. This causes the canon printer to print blank pages. A faulty printer driver can cause the printer to go offline. Excessive printing can cause the canon printer to print blank pages due to low ink levels Outdated versions of operating systems also create an issue with the compatibility of the printer and the device so this also causes the canon printer to print blank pages.