How to Setup Canon Pixma MG3022 Printer Manually?

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Canon Pixma mg3022 is a wireless printer with a number of features and guess what? It’s half of the price of expensive printers. want to setup your mg3022 printer with the laptop?

Canon PIXMA MG3022 Printer Setup for Windows:

The Quick stepwise procedure to set up Canon PIXMA Mg3022 Printer on windows is as follow:

Step 1: As quickly because the printer could be plugged in the computer, the window device will come into action and hence will start installing the device to use similarly.

Step 2: You just do not turn on the printer without being stated.

Step 3: USB comes along with package.Plug the proper give up of the USB cable to the USB port on your Canon MG3022 printer.

Step 4: Now on the next section, plug in the another area of the USB cable to the free PC USB Port.

Step 5: Now, turn on the printer.

Step 6: Next, visit the PC and click on at the start option. You gets to look the manage panel there, simply hit devices and printers from there. Next, hit add a printer choice and flow ahead to neighborhood printer option. Search and hit the port where your printer is connected to the computer.

Step 7: Next, the canon choice will pop up for your window display. Select it and then chose your printer kind. Once you are completed, hit subsequent button.

Step 8: You may even get a name for printer. finish it and press the next button again.

Step 9: If you would like to share the printer, click on the next button.

Step 10: Hit finish if you want to keep your printer at default printer. Click on the finish option to make as a default printer.

Step 11: So now your printing will be done by doing this process above.

Canon PIXMA MG3022 Printer Setup for Mac:

The first and foremost factor you need to do earlier than getting started out is to off the printer and disconnect the cable and turn it off as properly in case It is hooked up to Mac. Then down load a special driving force to connect to your device. you will be always get downloaded drivers from the Canon Pixma.

Quick Guide to set up Canon PIXMA Mg3022 Printer for Mac is as follow:

Step 1: First go the right top corner of the internet site after which locate the ‘support & drivers’ option from there.

Step 2: And then next check the list of product type & search ‘consumer and home office’ option. Once found, click on it.

Step 3: After it, go to the list of the product family and select ‘Printers’ from there

Step 4: Now Hit on the ‘drivers and software’s’ section next to the Canon Pixma Mg2520.

Step 5: on Here with the drop down menu you need to select MAC OS version which are you using.

Step 6: Start Installation the driver

Step 7: Then After finish the installation need to double click & again click double on that fine which will visible on next new windows

Step 8: Select the choice retain times in general. The hit set up to add the printer to your Mac tool.

Step 9: At remaining, take a USB cable and then join the printer with our Mac tool. Hence, you are ready to turn on the printer and ready to use it

Canon PIXMA MG3022 Setup For Wireless Connection :

The step by step procedure to set up Canon PIXMA Mg3022 Printer wirelessly by is as follow:

  • First of all, remove all the protecting substances out of the printer as well as the cartridge. Then, raise the lid of the scanning system, open up the paper output tray. Then, close the scanner cowl.
  • Now take the strength cord. Put one aspect of it into the wall power outlet & the alternative component to the correct port.
  • Now you should turn on your printer. Hit button OK choose langauge from operation pannel and click on the OK
  • Switch off the printer. Lift the scanner lid and insert cartridge holder. & then you must close scanner lid once more.
  • Again On your printer. click now on the setup button. Use the operation panel to choose the wireless LAN setup. Select wireless LAN Setup option by usinf the operation panel & select OK
  • Select the option smooth installation from there and hit adequate. Go for the get right of entry to factor, pick out it and hit good enough once more.
  •  Now Press the WP key and click ok again
  •  Now go to the computer’s CD drive and put your printer’s setup CD there.
  •  Run this system. Select your united states of america and hit subsequent
  • Choose the easy deploy alternative and hit set up again
  •  Select the option use the printer on the network and click next again
  •  Wait for the moment. You will get the printer detection window there. click on now next.
  •  Detected printers list wll visible infront of you & select your printer & click on the next.
  • Must wait to complete this process and last click on the complete option.
  • Once the setup might be completed, you have to get to look the printer application menu on the screen.

Canon MG3022 Changing Printer Setting to Use Wireless LAN

Everyone must check here the procedure to change the printer setting to use wireless LAN:

  •    First you should turn on the computer
  •   Click on the WI-FI button and keep preserving it until the lamp flashes.
  •   Click on the Back Button
  • Keep on pressing the Wi-Fi button over and once more till the lighting of community lamp occurs
  •  An the the last, click on the black/ color button to submit the selection.


So, these are the procedure to setup Canon Pixma mg3022 with your computer easily. Did this article proved useful? Let us know in the comment section below. Happy reading!

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