How to Setup Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer Wirelessly
canon pixma ix6820 wireless setup

How to Setup Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer Wirelessly

Once you receive the Canon Pixma ix6820 printer in a box please ensure all elements are present in it. For canon pixma ix6820 wireless setup, please select a flat surface for keeping the printer. Now raise the top cover to reach inside the printer. Please remove any packaging material from inside the printer. Please lower the access door. It is advisable to use the power chord delivered with the printer, for connecting to the power source. Please link the inlet end of the power cord and the other end of the nearby wall outlet. The printer is now ready to be switched on. Please find the power button on the front side and press the same. Please raise the top cover of the printer, do not touch the printer head folder until it stops. Now please open the ink tanks.

 Peel of the orange tape and lift the cap slowly.  Please fix the ink tank into its slot push it down until it snaps into a place. After inserting all ink tanks please ensure all the lights are lit up. Now in the lower toner cover if you see the alarm lamp flashing please check if the ink tanks are installed correctly. Please load the print media in the input 

Please download the printer driver for the Canon Pixma ix6820 from the official website. A canon pixma ix6820 wireless setup cd has come with the printer this will allow the canon pixma ix6820 setup to run smoothly without any hindrance.

The Canon Pixma ix6820 printer offers the below features to a consumer, it offers faster printing speed, little low quality text and little higher quality of photos. It offers both wireless and wired support to the consumer. The Canon Pixma ix6820 is a networked printer also for a small office space but the paper handling role can limit the printer’s role. There aren’t many printers for home office space that are affordable and can print like a letter. The Canon Pixma ix6820 is a Wi-Fi support printer. In addition to this it offers mobile printing capability, also allows Air print feature which enables users to print from cloud.  The Canon printer apps enable the user to print from tablets and IOS devices. Please note for the mobile features to work effectively you need to connect the printer directly to the network. Please note there is only one input tray given. 

How to Setup Canon Pixma ix6820 with Router?


Please install the cd in the computer now tray, slide the guides to its center. Now load the paper and check the alignment this step completes the hardware setup. Click on the screen your canon pixma ix6820 printer installation process will begin, now select the network tab, choose the wireless connection tab from the next screen, now select the wireless option from the menu. 

Please choose the installer button, select the network tab. Choose the canon pixma ix6820 wireless setup option please hold the wireless button on the printer and confirm. Do not release the button until power lamp flashes twice. The installer displays a list of software select the software and click ok. Please wait until the configuration is complete once the wireless canon pixma ix6820 printer setup is complete you can move ahead with the print job.

How to Setup Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer with Mobile Phone?

To connect canon pixma ix6820 printer to wifi please ensure the canon pixma ix6820 printer in turned ON, the printer will have a Wi-Fi button once you click on the wifi button it will enable the WiFi of the printer. Ensure that both the phone and printer are connected to the same network. You can go to the phone settings add your canon pixma ix6820 there under printer and scanners option or system preferences as applicable. There will be an option to connect please do the needful and print. 

How to Connect Canon Pixma ix6820 Printer to Mac?


For canon pixma ix6820 setup for mac, drivers for mac can be downloaded from the cd or the official website, you can download the canon pixma ix6820 printer driver online and complete the setup and installation by following the on screen instructions given. Please take assistance from technical experts if you get stuck. 

What Precautions Taken While Installation of Canon Pixma ix6820?

Printer should be turned on, appropriate printer driver is downloaded, and ink tanks should be installed. Both wired and wireless setup can be adopted by IJ.Start.Canon. Paper should be aligned properly. Carefully complete the hardware and software setup. Printer and systems are connected to the same network.

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